Monday, June 17, 2013

Mani Monday

Wearing one of my favourite nailpolishes, ESSIE'S FIJI. I just love how it look so classic, sophisticated , girly yet polished. Its a definite must have in your nail polish collection.The only thing that I do not like about it is the consistency... it comes out streaky so you realy have to be careful in painting your nails. mine is a good 2 coats then topped with clear nail polish.

Also, been liking the midi rings trend. =)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spotlight: SIGMAX brushes

I've had these brushes for over 2 months now and I just forgot to make a post about it. Better late than never! These brusehes seriously deserve 5 stars:) Wanted to give SIGMAX BRUSHES a try...and I like it a lot. My foundation and concealer goes on so smoothly! Especially for the P86 Precision Tapered, I use it to the hard to reach areas. (under the eye and on the sides on my nose)

here are my uses for these 2

P86: Precision tapered
-  As a concealer brush under the eyes
-  To put cream eye shadows/ painterly paint pots
-  cover redness on crease/side of my nose, my chin and around the mouth

* I really like how its tapered and concealer application at its best !

F80 Flat kabuki
- foundation
- blush
- powder
- bronzer for contouring

* its dense and flat head that makes it super easy to buff foundation or powder on your face.

I'm actually thinking of getting the whole kit of SIGMAX brushes. I really think they're worth it. The price for the quality it possess... amaze balls!

try them out!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I must admit, i did not apply sunscreen on an everyday basis until i saw this picture.. This is a 69 year old man who suffers from dermatoheliosis but only one side of his face. Apparently, he has been a truck driver for 28 years and only caught the sun's rays on the left side of his face through the truck window.

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. sunscreen!!! This is one of the things we don't really consider important because we dont see the effects right away...over time, our skin would thank us...

***Image and info from

Bridal Makeup.

        She was one of the prettiest, simplest brides I've done yet turned out to be so gorgeous!!

When i was in Cosmetics school, i remember my instructor stressing the point that bridal makeup  should be CLASSIC and TIMELESS. 30 years from now, would you still love the makeup done?! Would you still look normal? Or would you cringe seeing yourself with hot pink lips? I have encountered brides who wanted "more"...because they have this thinking that the more and heavier makeup aka smokey or dark lips would be appropriate for a wedding... Personally, i prefer LESS. I would not want her face to look cake-y nor too done up. I'm all about the enhancing what every bride has...BEAUTY!

Here are my 2 cents on Bridal Makeup:

1)  Good foundations and concealers are KEY! without a good canvas/base to work on, how will your eyeshadow, blush and everything else look good? But before that, an awesome skincare routing is a must!

2) Waterproof everything. Mascara and eyelash glue most especially. Seriously. i can not even stress how important using long lasting makeup/waterproof products on brides.
If your brides have oily skin, use a setting spray and primer!

3) Soft Brown Smokey eyes are preferred. Suits everyone and looks natural. You can build it up towards the end of the night for an evening is too heavy.

4) Natural looking eyelashes. Brides think its "too much" and "they wouldn't look themselves" actually just accentuates your look a little more. It looks awesome on pictures!

5) Lipsticks. Not lipgloss. i prefer just lipsticks with a little bit of gloss in the middle of your lips to make it fuller. Its a no no to oily looking and sticky lips!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Mani Monday: Nail cream

How do you keep your hands hydrated?

First post for Mani Monday. I forgot to add this to my May favorites but I have been using this since the start of May! Hands down the BEST hand cream I have ever used! overall thoughts:

-Non-sticky/not greasy at all.
-subtle smell of oranges, which I love... not so over powering like bath and body works lotions
- big difference when it came to my cuticles.
-little goes a long way

my hands overall look hydrated and soft, without feeling greasy.
Although it costs a couple more dollars than a regular lotion/hand cream, its all worth it. I can never go back to cheap-y ones. I've applied this everytime I washed my hands for the past month and ive only consumed only a quarter

15$ in Sephora.

Hand and nail cream
Formula highly concentrated in patented anti-oxidant grape seed polyphenols, vinolevure, fair trade of shea butter, grape-seed oil, avocado, plant glycerin, sweet orange. leaves no greasy film
No parabens
No Phenoxyyethanol"


Nail polishes

How do you organize them?

I still am finding ideas to do so... Ive tried so many but still not contented. Here's mine for now... Organized in my alex drawer from ikea... By shade and by brand...

May monthly stars

1) Uniq One
- I really dont do a lot of reviews or have favourites when it comes to hair products but this stuff is amazing!!!!!! I have been using it for about 3 months consistently though and i could see fast, visible results! This was recommended by my hair stylist. i was actually skeptical at first because i have tried hundreds of hair products...but i gave it a shot. AMAZING!! this is what it claims :repair for dry and damaged hair, shine and frizz control, heath protection, silkiness and smoothness, hair color protection, easier brushing  and ironing, incredible detangling, long lasting hairstyle, split ends prevention and adds body)----- i give it a 8/10 :) plus it smells good! a lil spritz is all you need after washing your hair. Would definitely repurchase.

2) Olay fresh effects moisturizer
- With very oily skin, i was looking for a moisturizer that didn't seem heavy or sticky or oily. this stuff is okay. its a satin finish, pretty light , which i wanted especially for a day moisturizer. smells good too! once applied, it actually feels like a moisturizes your skin and itstantly disappears...satin-y, silky finish. i give it a 7/10. i would repurchase but not for now...would want to try different moisturizers once i'm finished with this.

3) NYX's beige
- Its not exactly "beige" or nude, but its a perfect baby pink, natural-looking gloss. its inexpensive, tastes/smells so good and non-sticky.. (thats my #1 when it comes to lip glosses). i could basically wear it with anything! i love nyx lip glosses in general and this is one of them. Easy to apply, loving the applicator, handy and many more! i give it a 8/10.

4) UD's de slick
- This is a must have for people who have oily skin. Just bought  this last month and its amazing. I could definitely tell a difference on my skin when i use this. it keeps my make up in place throughout the day and when i blot, it doesn't produce much oil as to when i dont use it. definitely a staple in my makeup routine. 9/10.

5) Maybelline Falsies mascara (waterproof)
- My all time fav. mascara! always a favourite. loved the applicator, the formula, the staying power, how it volumizes and separates my lashes. 8/10 for me!

6) Stila waterproof liquid liner
- Another all time fav. love how its a pen, so easy to use, easier , lazier way actually to  create sharp lines aka cat eyes, i love how its so handy and lasts really long! (mine was at least 6-8 months of use everyday) worth every penny!..and its waterproof, doesnt budge/smudge after long hours at work, gym etc. love love! 9/10.

7) Nars duo (oragasm/laguna)
- I ve had this for such a long time but its been just this month i used it consistently..I actually love the LAGUNA bronzer! used it for countouring this month. Although it fades in a couple of hours, i love how its perfect for my skin tone. i can build it up, tone it down etc. 7/10.

8) Dove's dry shampoo
- Finally a dry shampoo that works! Decided to give this a try and amazing! It gives volume, i love how it sprays, smells good (but too strong though), its cheap (6.99$), doesnt leave a white residue. I have used the  tresemme....and its nothing compared to this! close to batiste but this is better... Still looking for that perfect dry shampoo but this still works..especially compared to other brands 8/10.

9) MUFE cover concealer
- I originally thought of buying this for under my eyes.. i thought that having it drier compared to eye concealers, my search for the perfect one is solved...but this works better on your face to cover up hyper pigmentation, pimples. having oily skin, this does the job of covering my pimples/scars at the same time lasts long. its thick, waterproof and a little goes a long way! For the face though, not for under the eyes. (too dry). 8/10.

10) Naked basics and Naked palette original
- May has been one of the hectic months and most of my work days, id rather sleep in and use that extra 20 mins of getting ready than putting my make up on. hence i wake up late and i have 5 mins of makeup time. This palette saved me so much! one sweep, easy to work with and so natural! love it! having me not look oh so tired and the same time polished and decent. For days that i can prep and spend a little more time with fixing myself, Naked palette is the one that i grab. versatile, mix and match goes with anything. always a fav! i give these babies a 9/10!

11) Dior amber lights
- eyeshadow.highlighter.blush. love the versatility of this! worth every penny! amazing colours. just so different and perfect highlighter day-night. You can build it up, tone it down depends on what kind of look youre going for. It difinitely gives you a candlelit effect.  9/10.

12) Maybelline Rocket Mascara
- when i first got this, i didnt like it at ALL. i thought it was too wet, didnt do what it claimed and it was just an imitation of covergirl's lashblast. actually the more i used it, i grew out of it and kinda sorta liked it. i got the non-waterproof one and its pretty good staying up. although im having a hard time with the brush on my lower lashes. this does volumize. it does the job . 7/10

and those are my favourites for the month of MAY. will they cut it for the month June?? We'll see :P

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Exfoliation: Abuse

   Every when do you exfoliate? 2-3 times a week? too much!
 Women think that by exfoliating more frequently,  will get rid of dead skin cells. Actually, you end up just stripping the oil off and may end up producing more oil to compensate ... which in this case, more oil which can lead to breakouts! You have to give your skin time for renewal. Once a week or  once in every 2 weeks  would be best depending on your skin type.

image from:

Monday, June 3, 2013


Sometimes we think that washing every night is enough.... But NO. Do you always drink 8 glasses of water? sleep early? workout? if youre the type who is always busy, stressed and on the go, well your skin needs a lil bit of TLC. Have a facial! (Even if its just once a month) 

Im not talking about expensive facials.. But these simple facials will work out just fine:)

Im currently trying out "cupcake" from LUSH. My skin is pretty sensitive and even at least this time, i wanted to use natural ingredients. 

So far this is what it claims:
Chocolate heaven for oily skin. Cupcake calms with cocoa powder and sandalwood.


Setting your lipstick: Dab transluscent powder to the tissue and press against your lips! It will last longer :)


Be THAT color.