Monday, May 19, 2014

Jacks and Skirts

I know Leather Jackets and summery maxi skirts don't match (it was really a mix of cold and hot that day) but hey…gotta be yourself and care not of what other people think. Enjoyed the gorgeous weather strolling in Montreal 

Leather Jacket: ZARA
skirt: Forever21
flats: NineWEST

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Perfume + Macarons

Can i just live in Paris? The food, culture, places, makeup and the fashion… *sigh* I rarely buy/like perfumes… besides my viva la juicy & Pink Sugar, i go with my regular body sprays. When the lady at the Sephora counter sprayed this, i fell in love! My perfect scent and instantly reminded me of Paris as well. One of their newest in the line, i went ahead and got it :S Also, i hauled some makeup stuff to update my beauty box especially for the upcoming months (wedding season!)

Been loving these lip pies so far!Rich, pigmented but not heavy nor sticky. =)



Sunday, May 11, 2014

Urban Decay's Electric Palette


I had so much fun playing around with the latest palette from Urban Decay! Ahh the bright colours perfect for spring and summer.
I'm really surprised that even though its Matte, doesn't appear chalky at all…Good job Urban Decay! Although i kind of wish they added a matte black eyeshadow  or at least a 24/7 eyeliner instead of the brush. I can think of doing soooo many looks out of this palette!

 I did 2 looks for now :P pretty wearable…or at least for me it is
1) Fun, bright one for day time
2) Sultry for night time

DAY look
Colours used:
Lid: Thrash
Crease: Urban, Savage and Slowburn
Outer V/half: Chaos (my fave!)

Night look
Colours used:
Upper and lower lids: Chaos
crease: a little bit of my bronzer to warm up the look and slowburn (upper crease)