Sunday, December 21, 2014

Drugstore Makeup Bundles/Great Stocking Stuffers

Hello Foxies! I have a couple of Drugstore faves that are awesome to give as stocking stuffers or bundles this Christmas! It would be great to give them out to your family or your friends, completely customized and personalized that they will enjoy. It's fun, affordable and no wrapping involved!lol

I made 2 themed sets and placed them in to mason jars. The First one goes out to someone who is actually just starting out with makeup. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming for her on which products to try. Even though these are drugstore products, it can be a hit or miss…and if you're a newbie, you hesitate sometimes on spending. So, i did 

a 'MAKEUP ESSENTIALS' bundle for her to test out.

This contains:
- Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation ($6): Awesome for oily skin, Light- Medium coverage. I don't normally dig for drugstore foundations but this is a keeper for me. Its oil free and great for sensitive skin peeps like me.
- Maybelline's Eyestudio Copper Chic ($8.99): These are basic neutral colours that looks great on anyone! Love the packaging and pigmentation.
- Ecotools eye brush kit ($12): Comes in a travel sized pouch, easy to clean, to use and really soft. I own a couple of these and they're great!
- NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu ($5)- This smells like vanilla cupcakes. Besides that, I love that it is not sticky at all. One great lippie you can wear on its own or on top of your lipstick.
- Elf Bronzing and blush powder ($3): Yes, they kinda copied NARS' laguna and Orgasm BUT this is runs pretty close on colour and longevity. I'd still pick this though…. cmon..$3 vs $52?.
- Maybelline Falsies Waterproof version ($4-6): I've been wearing this mascara for about 2 years now. 3 things: Holds curl, lasts all day, lashes look longer. One of my faces for sure.
- Ferrero Chocolate ($2 for a pack of 5) and a lil greeting: You can never go wrong with a piece of Chocolate to enjoy and a sweet message to brighten someone's day :)

The Second set goes out to a friend who deserves all the R&R. She's just always sooo tired and busy that i put together an "AT HOME SPA" bundle that she can use one of these nights.

This contains:

- Marc Anthony's deep conditioning Hair Mask ($1.99): Leave it on damp hair for 5-10 mins preferably at the ends for instant softness and instant de-tangler! Just what your hair needs this winter!
- Simple Makeup Wipes ($1.99): I have super sensitive skin and this works well for me! The only makeup wipes i use. It takes out all makeup (even waterproof mascara), no overpowering scent and  does NOT sting your eyes or strip your skin--which is very very important!
- Shea Infused slipper socks from Bath and Body works ($6.99): Slob some Vaseline before you sleep and you wake up with super soft baby-like feet! These socks as so soft and comfy to begin with.
- Vanilla bean Noel Shower gel and lotion from B&BW ($3 ea.) : Travel size, amazing but not over powering scent, affordable and its one of those Holiday traditions you just gotta make the most out of!
- Essie's Fiji ($8.99): My favourite NP of all time. classic pinky/milky nude that goes with everything. Time to give your nails some love! This is actually the nail polish I am using on my Wedding day ;P
- Ecotools' dual cleansing pad ($5): 2-in-1! Green side lathers (lightly exfoliates) and the other side exfoliates to the next level. I like how its different from other loofas! It works well with sensitive skin, cute on display and you have more control when using it on your skin. ( you can flip the elastic thingy when you want to use the green side). I just love this brand!
Lastly, a lil piece of chocolate and card make everything better :)

Hope ya'll enjoyed!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: Origins Trio

I've been wanting to try the DrinkUp Intensive Overnight Mask and the Charcoal Mask for the longest time. Since i can't justify spending full price on tubes that i am not sure will work, i've been holding it off. As soon as i saw this mini trio in Sephora, it was the perfect time to try all 3:)

Each mask can be used at least 4 times before the tubes are out. retails to about $15-20 i think.

Charcoal Mask Overall: 4/5
Packaging: I wish it came with a different cap ( id prefer just like the caps on toothpastes). it can messy.
Quality: Surprisingly kind to my eyes. didn't leave that burning/stinging feeling that i got with Glamglow's & other face masks. I can definitely see if its ready to be washed. didn't leave an over drying feeling as well. Although i only see a teeny difference on my skin, it did wash out all the roughness around my nose.
Smell: No overwhelming scent on this.--smells very spa-ish.

10 Minute Mask Overall: 3/5
Quality: Its good but not amazing. Perfect for when your skin needs a pick me up or when you are breaking out. Similar to the charcoal mask but difference in colour obviously. It did leave a film after i washed it. Not that much of a difference except it calmed the redness of my face. typical mask

Overnight Mask: 5/5
Quality: This was my favourite out of all 3. I use this once or twice a week and i must say it made a big difference on my skin. Quite noticeable when i wake up every morning. For some reason, i don't feel oily nor greasy. (it helped control my oily face overnight). its lightweight & easy to apply. i loved the scent on this one--very spa-ish.