Thursday, December 17, 2015


Lately I've been stuck in the rut with creative colours and looks and this palette have been my ride or die palette this past month.

Along with the palette, I have been loving my good old MAC brushes. although there are more far cheaper,same quality brands out there, I still end up using these a lot. I must say they have been used and abused and still pretty good!

what are your essentials?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chic clean nails

Been looking for a nail polish that would give me that "my nails but better" shade and found a perfect one  for my nails! 

I got the formula X sheer strength in wondrous from Sephora recently. 

I applied it for the first time and its not streaky at all, you can go up to 3-4 coats and still looks amazing and opaque.

I have 2 coats on and it perfectly covers the yellowness of my nails. 

Like it a lot! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Current Beauty Faves!

Milani Matte lipstick in Innocense- a clour  that doesnt wash me out and great for everyday nude colour. Its not drying to the lips at all and it smells good!

Sephora Lustre Matte Lipstick in Fig lustre- I love this! This is forever in my makeup bag. "My lips but better colour" Nuddish, Mauve colour. I wear this almost every day for the past 3 weeks 😁.

Carli bybel palette- despite the awesome deal, $12.50 for 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters, perfect for Fall! Love the golds and burgundys. 

Juicy coutour viva lajuicy- my signature scent along with miss dior. My scent for the past month... Everyday. Excessive! 

Benefit highbrow- I dont know what took me so long to get this! Highlighted brow brones make such a difference in my makeup routine and turnout.Although a bit harder to blend and have to have a brush to do so, the pinkish nude is the perfect colour.

Nars eyeshadow primer- best primer for such oily eyelids! Been so oily lately and this tops Urban decay primer potion.

Becca highlighter in opal.- gotta give my jaclynhill champagne pop a rest and this stays up there on my best highlighter list. Used this baby pretty much everyday. 

MUFE 3c lipliner- this goes with anything, & everything. Such a pretty lip color even on its own.

Origins frothy wash- lately Ive been good with skincare. Or at least trying to make it simple and find products with less chemicals on it. This leaves my skin so soft yet so clean and refreshing! Definitely buying a full size version.

Gold watch from American Eagle and my Aldo/forever 21 rings. I love the good old non chunky looking, simple gold watch and adding little stuff like dainty rings.

Thats it folks! Happy October!