Monday, February 17, 2014

5 tips to make your eyes look bigger and brighter

1) Filling in your eyebrows: It frames your face and it can make or break your look :)

2) White eyeliner or even NUDE on waterline instead of Black: Some find white eyeliner harsh and "too out there" Instead, use Nude liner. This instantly brightens and gives the illusion of bigger eyes. Use only black eyeliner on your upper lash line.

3) Highlight and contour: (You're good with 3 eyeshadows)

- Highlight using a bright/shimmery champagne eyeshadow on your inner corner of your eyes, under your eyebrows/brow bone and centre of your eyelid.

- Contour your crease and lower lash line to give your eyes a little bit of definition.

4) Curl your lashes and put on MASCARA!! If i were to only choose 1 product, i would always choose mascara. I cannot stress enough how important it is not to miss this step. I usually have 2-3 coats, rather than having just one coat. (ohh, and wiggle your wand from the bottom working your way up).

5) Do not forget to dab on concealer: Rather than using a concealer that suits your skin tone, use a Salmon-y/pinkish colour (one shade lighter than your skin) that would hide the dark cast under your eyes and cover all of those green/purple veins.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Soft Everyday Rose-y Eye Makeup using NAKED 3 palette

 Soft Rose-y eye makeup look:  A hint of Pink/ Rose Gold gives a nice lil touch to the normal everyday browns and taupes. All you need are a few colours, and a little bit of contouring in the crease to give it definition. 

I have been using this combo for the past 2 weeks and its just a perfect neutral that goes with anything ;)

I apologize in advance with regards to the video. i was holding my DSLR Camera with 1 hand (hence the shaky-ness & blurry-ness)  and i had to use the screen as my mirror lol

Makeup used in video:


brow bone and inner corners: Strange
Eyelids: Burnout
Transition and crease color: Nooner
Outer v/crease: Factory
and a little bit of Dark side on lower lash line

Eyeliner: Stila Waterproof Liquid e/l
Base: MAC's painterly paint pot
Lipstick: MAC's morning rose (Limited edition)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Makeup Brushes: Cheap vs. Expensive. Worth Spending?

 Brushes are key to a perfect makeup look. You use the same brushes All the time, again and again regardless of what kind of makeup you use. To me, it's worth investing on good quality of brushes. Is it worth spending so much though? Yes and No. You have to shop smart for amazing brushes, (of course patience too) and a lot of research in finding ones with great value. Feel free to have an array of different brands in your collection, not just stick to one brand.

1) Expensive brushes does not necessarily mean high quality.

- Some brands jack up their price WAY to high. For instance, MAC, CHANEL and other high-end brands. Not saying they're not good, its just for the price, its TOO much. I never pay more than $15 surplus. 
Although- I will mention that MAC brushes do last a very long time. I purchased my first MAC makeup brush about 6 years ago and have been doing makeup professionally for over 4 years. It is still in near perfect condition, and it rarely sheds given the fact i wash my brushes like crazy. But is this justification for spending over $40 on? No. 

2) Cheap/drugstore brushes does not necessarily mean poor quality.

- I remember in Makeup school, we had to purchase brushes. We had the same ones… 20 brushes for like 20$. They were the crappiest! Even though i had the greatest shadows or creams, makeup application did not turn so great. (i still passed though ;P) I have tried a ton of brushes over the years. I got lucky on some. Shedding and colour coming off when you wash 'em bother me the most!

I am confident to say: ECOTOOLS, sigma brushes, real techniques and Sonia Kashuk brushes are good ones for the price…in overall brushes. They are comparable to the high-end ones and keeps your wallet happy :) But also,

3) Every brand share their own good and bad products.

- OF COURSE! Again, for starters who are just learning/experimenting with makeup, try cheap ones first. like ELF. Eye shadow brushes are okay for $1 each. As for me, since i use it often with clients that require a lot more maintenance and cleaning, my elf brushes are dunzo after a couple of washes. Not all in MAC are at its best, same with in expensive ones.

I do have a couple of faves:

MAC's eye shader brush
Sigma's crease brush
Sigma's soft dome brush
Eco tool's blush brush/ powered brush and kabuki brush
Real techniques foundation brush

4) You do not have to have Millions of brushes. Less is More. Quality over quantity.

-  I would rather have a few GOOD ones. Do you really need 10 eyeshadow brushes? No. Stick to your staples. (Yes, you can live and do a full makeup look with only 10 brushes----separate post on these) :) , Brushes have MULTIPLE functions as well. There are no rules on these.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Simple makeup wipes

Like is an understatement for these wippies. I've been using this for a couple of months now... Which is safe for me to do a review already.

I used to use the neutrogena one and i dont like how it stings my eyes and felt so greasy. Although it took off my makeup well, my skin wasnt really liking the after feel.

Funny how i stumbled upon these accidentally, it was the only one available in a drugstore i went to. Since i needed one asap (was going to work out and if i dont take out my makeup, i will breakout in a sec) i had a "no choice but to buy" kind of scenario..

I ended up loving this!
These are the only wipes that does'nt irritate/sting my eyes, cuts or pimples, i feel fresh after, bearable not to even wash my face after, perfect for taking out even the most waterproof-est mascara, perfect for sensitive skin, No strong scent and its super cheap! (Around 6$ depends on where you get them) 

I rarely stick to products like HG, But besides my stila liquid liner, these wipes are up there for sure!