Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Storing lashes

Do you re use your lashes? I re use mine at least 2-5 times (depending on the quality of the lashes (elf vs. velour). If you do, try to store them in a cute case like this! ($2.00 at dollarama).
-Less bulky if you put it in your drawes
-Prevents random lashes floating around your room/ getting lost
-Helps you keep track if you need to buy lashes (if youre low on it) or keep track what styles you have. 😊


Sunday, March 15, 2015

In-Flight Essentials

These are my Airplane/ In flight essentials!
I usually board bare-faced, because if i have makeup on, I turn into a grease ball & I break out after. The air on the plane tends to be very drying so i make sure i moisturize well 30-1 hr before boarding.

On long flights, (3 hours or more) I make sure I bring tooth paste and a tooth brush. nuff said!
and here's the rest of the stuff:

- Either I use Garnier Moisture 10 minute mask (Walmart) or Instant deputing eye mask (Sephora) to relax me a lil bit.
- Shea Infused Lounge socks (B&BW). My feet gets cold easily + I can walk to the washroom with these
- Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry rose.(Walmart) This gives my lips the right amount of moisture and i really really like the scent! :)
- Ear plugs (drugstore)- coz ya'll will never know. need my peaceful naps
- Eye mask (Sephora point perk) - Im very sensitive to light, so if my seat mate pops up the window, i wake up… :)
- Clarins Moisturizer (sample). Love the scent! This comes up very light and doesn't feel oily.
- Bioderma travel size 100 ml (Shopper's drug mart) - This is a toner/makeup remover/ skin boosting cleansing water goodness. Holy grail must have!. I have a full size bottle that i carry in my gym bag as well. Squirt a little in those cotton pads before landing or before putting makeup on and you're good to go!

Now, depending on where I am going after, usually I get picked up and we go straight to a restaurant or something, I make sure that not only am I fully hydrated but decent enough that I don't look sick. I bring a lil bit of makeup because you never know… I might bump in to a celebrity or something haha!

- NARS blush and bronzer duo (Orgasm & Laguna) (Sephora)- Gotta have that glow and some colour!
- NARS radiant concealer in custard (Sephora)- bye bye puffy and dark bags
- Bite beauty lip pencil (travel size) (Sephora)- the "my lips but better" colour.- so i don't look dead!
- Maybelline Rocket mascara (Walmart)- to open up my eyes & look more awake
- Makeup forever full cover concealer (Sephora) - for spotting. I have my foundation in my checked in luggage so i only put concealer on spotted areas.
- MAC brush (travel size) (MAC Archie collection) for the powders obviously.

* Remember to take great care of your skin and drink lots of water! Travelling can be a big change for your body…last thing you want to happen is getting sick or  dealing with breakouts and scars after. Hope this helps! =)

Safe and happy travels!