Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bite High Pigment Lip Pencil

Alo Beauties!
Stumbled across this little cutie while shopping at Sephora last week for $29! I've been wanting to try out the bite beauty lip pencils but i just couldn't decide which colour to get…then i found this! Given the fact that it has nice, festive colours for the up coming fall/winter season, couldn't deny how cute  & adorable the packaging is, this comes in a built-in mirror for on the go (so me) , travel/purse friendly & "ready to give" kind of present.  When i travel, i create different kind of looks and sometimes, having to bring a lot of lipsticks can use a lot of space in my makeup bag, so now, i can just bring this! I would be able to create a variety of lip looks without worrying to much of bringing a lot of separate full sized lipsticks. 

- All are wearable colours
- You just gotta be a lil bit careful when applying Pomegranate because it could be a little bit messy if you don't take your time, compared to sable for instance.
- smooth application
- hydrating, not drying
-scent: just a slight hint of vanilla

-Only thing though, since its retractable, i may have to use a lip pencil in the future once it becomes flat & it loses its pointy and sharp end. :s

It comes in 4 colours (set 4 x .05oz.) 
Pomegranate (Red)
Rhubarb (taupe brown)
*Sable (peachy nude)
*Winterberry (berry)

 *-new shades

pigmentation: 5/5 (creamy and opaque)
longevity: 3/5 (need to reapply often)
packaging : 5/5 (sleek, chic, easy to find, small enough)
scent: 4/5 (not strong)
colour selection: 4/5 ( i love how its neutral to dramatic) Although, the 2 darkest colours look similar when put on. Its until you look closely or apply the red one darker will you see the difference.

overall, i really like it!

 with flash

 no flash