Saturday, September 28, 2013

fall beauty must haves

fall fashion must haves

Makeup/toiletries travel bags

What is in your makeup/toiletries bag?
I normally pack lighter, makeup wise but i was packing for an event ( i had a wedding to go to and was out of city for 3 days). I wanted to make sure that i packed EVERYTHING i could possibly need.
soo here's mine. whats in yours?

(L-R) sephora wide tooth comb, sonia kaschuk brush, simple cleanser, toner & moisturizer, tresemme shampoo, conditioner and dove soap, tresemme dry shampoo and hairspray, my contacts sol, nail polish remover pads, tootpaste and toothbrush, tissue paper, b&bw's country chic lotion, pads, shaving cream,
contacts case, shaver,ties and bobby pins, simple facial wipes, sleeping mask, bioderma and deodorant.

I like how it comes with a hook! i dont wear lashes on an everyday basis but since i was going to attend a wedding, i brought a couple :) just my daily makeup essentials. :)

all packed and ready to go!:D


Monday, September 16, 2013

worth the hype #1

Mani monday: Acrylic D.I.Y.

I don't know about you but I rarely got to the nail salon and pay $45 for a manicure or pedicure. Not only are acrylic, gel or shellac nails expensive but taking them out can be a pain too and can cost you a couple of bucks. and plus, I change my nail color getting them done would be useless.

here is my d.i.y hack on acrylic nails! it stays on for at least a week or 2 depending on the activities you do day-to-day.

only cost me 20$?
acrylic gel: $6.28 walmart
Essie: $8 walmart
topcoat $3 walmart (sale)

good luck!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to: Winged Eyeliner Look/Cat Eye

Hello superfoxies!

  When doing an cat eye /winged liner look, its easier if you practice with GEL eyeliner and an angled brush. Once youve mastered, then we'll move on to liquid liner. (i used MAC's fluid line and eco tool's angled brush)

First line your eyes just like how you normally do. As you can see here, the before and after look on each eye:P

then from the bottom, follow the natural curve and at the end, use it as your guide to angle up your brush. this will help you to have even lines for both eyes. its up to you how high you want it to be, i did mine just medium sized wings.

then connect  and fill in!!

aaaand you're all set!

also, play it up and be different! i added purple too. simply outline the black :)


11 Beauties under $10

Hello Beauties! tag been going around 10 under $10. but excuse me i had to squeeze in 1 because i cant decide!note: taxes not included since price varies (Walmart, Shoppers etc)

Rimmel Wake me up foundation ($8)
I always always use the revlon colourstay foundation but since its expensive for a drusgtore, (went up to $15.99) i decided to try others. the hype on this foundation has been going around and decided to give it a try...and i like it. its not too thin nor too thick of a coverage, easy to apply, smells good, i like how its in a pump version. its light to medium coverage, perfect for everyday, lasts long (about 6 hours and im pretty oily)

Rimmel Apocalips ($6)
this little guy feels amazing on the lips. its a lipstick/lipgloss in 1 and BIG BANG definitely is the star in this collection. its opaque, consistency and the applicator is amazing. for the price, cant go wrong:)

Loreal Voluminous mascara ($8)
this has been my holy grail mascara for about 2 years already. it was a close tie between my maybelline falsies, the only thing different is that loreal voluminous gave me more volume than the falsies/falsies flared which gives me more of length. i always always use this and i would get compliments every time i wear this. try it out!

Maybelline clear mascara ($3)
i specifically use this as a brow gel to tame my brows. Rather than buy wax or brow stuff at sephora, i just use clear mascara. Also i sometimes do use it for my eye lashes (obv. different tube) when i hit the gym to give me that naturally curled eyelash look :) definitely worth it or 3 bucks!

Sally Hansen's Pacific blue ($3)
i love this  line when it comes to nail polishes, specifically this one. i love the brush (thicker than usual) that can cover my nails in 2 swipes, so opaque ( i can go by with 1 coat most of the time), easy to apply, affordable and i like the packaging!

Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner ($7)
this eyeliner has been on the popular side for the longest time... and i dont question why. my lids are super oily and i always have a hard time finding a good pencil eyeliner that can even stay on my waterline. blown away with this one. creamy and opaque and doesnt budge at all. if you plan on smoking it out on your lids, you have to act quick though. do one eye at a time and give it 5 secs, it wont budge till you take it off.

NYX jumbo eye pencil in yogurt ($6-8)
i prefer pencils like this than paint pots. loving the jumbo pencils specifically this one. Quick and easy to apply, doesnt crease, help brighten up my eyes. On the go, sometimes i just pencil it on my lids and it seems like i am wearing eyeshadow. i love the black one as well. i typically use it as a base when i do smokey eyes.kuddos to nyx!

Wet and wild eyeshadow palette ($3)
im surprised with wet and wild! this palette i actually like! 3 eyeshadows matte, 3 are shimmery/satin. its actually pigmented than i thought it would be! great for on the go, for a neutral, everyday look. not bad for 3$!:)
btw, just be careful when travelling with this palette, make sure when you pack, surround it with soft stuff or securely, not giving it room to shake because they do brake  easily.

Loreal elnette spray ($8)
the only hairspray i use when i do my curls. it gives hold and shine while it being brushable and natural. although im not a fan on the smell, i can handle it. love how it works! its not scrunchy, and you dont have to spray on so much. probably 1-2 short sprays over your head and youre good. curls lasts all day. comparable to sebastian shaper spray, which is 4 times the price.

Tresemme heat tamer spray ($4)oldie but goodie! since i always apply heat (blow-dry, straighten and or curl) its very important for me to protect my fine, brittle hair. i love the scent, how its very light, protects, adds shine and most importantly, protects my hair from even more damage. i actually see and feel the difference when i dont use this.

St. Ives apricot scrub ($5)
another "classic" scrub. oldie but goodie. the market has come up with so much skin care products and exfoliation is so common that there are a ton of different ones. i seem to go back to my trusty st ives.they have expanded their line too when it came to exfoliation scrubs. mine is the sensitive skin one. i just love this. i use this once a week, on a weekend to get rid of dead skin cells, gunk and to give my skin a healthy look. such a big difference. i love how it smells, how its not too abrasive but its coarse enough to really work through my skin. love it!

these are my top 11. whats yours?

Long-lasting Red lips

What you need:
(lipscrub, choice of lip balm, lip pencil, lippie, concealer, brush and powered)

Prep (exfoliate +moisturize) Start off with a clean fresh base so your lipstick will go on smoothly. Least thing you want is to have dry chapped red lips.

take your time. Trust me, it pays off (use lip liner and fill in) this creates a base/foundation not only for long lasting color but it also amplifies and prevents your lipstick from "bleeding".

lipstick time! then blot on tissue then set with powder to stay on for at least 6 hours. (yes, even if you eat and drink)

then CORRECT. smooth things out just to give that flawless look!

**** go easy on shine. you dont want to look like a sloppy mess. so if you do want shine, add a little bit only at the center of your lippies :)