Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Long-lasting Red lips

What you need:
(lipscrub, choice of lip balm, lip pencil, lippie, concealer, brush and powered)

Prep (exfoliate +moisturize) Start off with a clean fresh base so your lipstick will go on smoothly. Least thing you want is to have dry chapped red lips.

take your time. Trust me, it pays off (use lip liner and fill in) this creates a base/foundation not only for long lasting color but it also amplifies and prevents your lipstick from "bleeding".

lipstick time! then blot on tissue then set with powder to stay on for at least 6 hours. (yes, even if you eat and drink)

then CORRECT. smooth things out just to give that flawless look!

**** go easy on shine. you dont want to look like a sloppy mess. so if you do want shine, add a little bit only at the center of your lippies :)


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