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The Staple Pieces and Must haves of a Business Lady

The Staple Pieces and Must haves of a Business Lady

The Staple Pieces and Must haves of a Business Lady by superfoxmakeup 

For the past 7 years i have been working, the first 5.5 years were in retail. I have worked for 3 clothing stores that gave us the freedom to wear what we want as long as you're "selling" the brand, its stylish and of course, decent and proper. But last October, i finally came in to the corporate world/business setting that requires more of a proper, conservative wardrobe/ dress code. Bye bye to many chunks of accessories, tons of layering and bold, bright colours but it doesn't mean i would not express a little personality in the clothes that i wear. I want to stand out but not too much...Not too dull and not too much trendy styles and colours… Just right! Mixing a little bit of colour to my neutrals is good for me… (all about balance!)

Behold my staples!! the basics i think we all need in our  wardrobe.. then throw pieces here and there to make it more amazing ;)

MUST HAVE! classic, crisp white buttoned down blouse. this goes with anything, everything and all seasons! dress down and dress up of course

We all need 1 blouse that gives colour and personality but not too much. i get tired of blacks and whites if i wear it all the time. For me, this burgundy colour is perfect! (red is too bright). ohhh and i look too young my age so this makes me look more mature especially in the workplace. I wear most of my coloured shirts on mondays or dreary winter days--simple perk me ups!

white camis are basics we all need for sure

Navy blouse is a must have too. Wear and layer at work, then dress it up after… whether you're going to a club, a nice fancy date or having casual drinks. this top can be worn in so many different ways!

I do have a couple of tops that screams "wild" especially for conservative people in the workplace. As long as the company allows, its fine. Prints and stripes are the ones that takes out the blah in my wardrobe..oh, also no no to graphic tees at work ok?

Fridays are amazing because we get to dress casual. super comfy.This is just right. Sweats and joggers are a no no please. Leave it at home

Wanna dress  sexy but subtle? Peplum tops shows just right. your curves and all.  Pair it with a cute statement necklace.

Goes with anything, everything. All seasons, layer or wear on its own :)

BASIC CAMI . Do not wear it on its own though. please.

Crisp whit blazer. Something different from the usual black. Wear this on mondays to brighten the workplace!

don't want to wear black nor white? then this is just right!

Who does not own one? Great investment indeed.

Neutral pants that matches just about anything

and the skirt as well, obviously if you feel not in the mood to wear pants

Prints are not only in tops but bottom as well! As long as they're appropriate for work! :)

Who doesn't own one? you're missing out!

must have!

Dark washed jeans. appropriate for fridays!

cute coloured skirt of your choice… again, burgundy for me!

Invest in classic, comfortable black medium heel pumps. Great for work and going out after.

casual vibe.

We have those days that we just want to wear flats! My comfiest and faces of course!

Nudes are a must! I'm only 5' and this gives you that extra height!


Goes with a million of different outfits, Classic, plenty of room

Simple, classic, cute and small.

every girl has to have one of these! bracelet or necklace. Pearls pearls pearls!

Good, durable heavy duty watch! I wear mine 24/7.

simple studs are key

add at least 1 bracelet. go for golds or silvers.

simple makeup.

this lippy would go with anything! gives a little bit of colour but not too much ( MAC's syrup)

Simple eyes can do. many looks, soft smokey browns are made for work!

Mascaras are key!

xo, Denise

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