Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bridal Makeup.

        She was one of the prettiest, simplest brides I've done yet turned out to be so gorgeous!!

When i was in Cosmetics school, i remember my instructor stressing the point that bridal makeup  should be CLASSIC and TIMELESS. 30 years from now, would you still love the makeup done?! Would you still look normal? Or would you cringe seeing yourself with hot pink lips? I have encountered brides who wanted "more"...because they have this thinking that the more and heavier makeup aka smokey or dark lips would be appropriate for a wedding... Personally, i prefer LESS. I would not want her face to look cake-y nor too done up. I'm all about the enhancing what every bride has...BEAUTY!

Here are my 2 cents on Bridal Makeup:

1)  Good foundations and concealers are KEY! without a good canvas/base to work on, how will your eyeshadow, blush and everything else look good? But before that, an awesome skincare routing is a must!

2) Waterproof everything. Mascara and eyelash glue most especially. Seriously. i can not even stress how important using long lasting makeup/waterproof products on brides.
If your brides have oily skin, use a setting spray and primer!

3) Soft Brown Smokey eyes are preferred. Suits everyone and looks natural. You can build it up towards the end of the night for an evening look....black is too heavy.

4) Natural looking eyelashes. Brides think its "too much" and "they wouldn't look themselves"...it actually just accentuates your look a little more. It looks awesome on pictures!

5) Lipsticks. Not lipgloss. i prefer just lipsticks with a little bit of gloss in the middle of your lips to make it fuller. Its a no no to oily looking and sticky lips!


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